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Taking the Stress Out of Privacy Breach Reporting for Canadian SMBs


Our Offerings

Free No-Commitment Tools

Document Generator

Free Cyber-Training

Our tools, policies and basic training modules are completely free.

A step-by-step guide to help you generate a PIPEDA Breach Report and Communications Letters.

We have custom developed and partnered with leading subject matter experts to bring you cyber training.

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Ayushi Dave


Ryan Mosoff

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Ritesh Kotak


About Us

Our Mission

We founded JusTech because we share a passion for promoting access to justice through technology-based solutions. What began as a project by three Canadian law students to help small businesses threatened by the legal ramifications of a privacy breach has expanded to become so much more. Our goal with the JusTech privacy breach workflow and accompanying knowledgebase is to develop an accessible, economical, and compassionate online space for those disproportionately affected by online harms that accompany e-commerce. Our co-founders leverage their life experience to create innovative solutions aimed at helping those with limited knowledge or resources to combat antiquated legal barriers. We sympathize with everyday Canadian business owners who cannot afford to hire a lawyer in the event of an emergency. To that end, we closely examined the privacy breach reporting process and found opportunities for technological automation, in turn promoting the autonomy of Canadian business owners. Overall, our goals are simple: 

Simplify Processes. Maximize Justice. 

Our History

We are three University of Ottawa Law Students who are passionate about access to justice and tech law. We entered a Pan-Canada legal hackathon, judged by industry leaders in legal innovation, and won first place. Our aim was to develop a tool to help small business owners with reporting data breaches and mitigating against future breaches. We recognized that when a company is in the midst of reporting a breach, there may be uncertainty and stress. A great deal of that stress is not knowing where to begin or the costs.

Core Offerings

Our suite of free tools, courses and policies will help you navigate this complex space and generate the necessary breach reporting forms in Canada. In certain cities, you can also auto-submit the report to the local police service. We will also help connect you to local resources to help mitigate against future data breaches through our affiliate network.

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We are very lucky to have an amazing board of advisors.

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